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QuickBooks doesn't support updates for this type of report...

How to fix QuickBooks Update issue.

· How to update QB

QuickBooks 2012 can send out a large number of the reports you use to Excel. Surprisingly better, these reports will really update in Excel, through a QuickBooks module.

Be that as it may, a few reports don't bolster the QuickBooks module include in Excel. Reports recorded beneath must be traded to Excel as another report each time you wish to update the information.

In the event that you have endeavored to invigorate a worksheet and get a mistake expressing "QuickBooks doesn't bolster updates for this sort of report. Kindly survey the assistance area for a rundown of upheld reports", at that point that report does not bolster the module or update work.

If it's not too much trouble see the rundown underneath for reports that won't update from QuickBooks or a module.

In the event that you wish to see an updated adaptation of the reports beneath in Excel, you should send out the information as another report each time you wish to see updated information.

As I comprehend this, there are two ways you can get this fix:


Naturally –

If you have Automatic Updates empowered, you ought to in the end get this fix. Nonetheless, it isn't obvious to me on the off chance that you'll get that soon or just when the following R-level update happens. In case you're running into this issue with Excel, I wouldn't sit tight for Automatic Updates to drive this out.


Physically by hand–

Here's the way you can physically update your QuickBooks establishment with this fix. Note that you need to do this on each PC you have that is running QuickBooks.

  • Select the Help menu and afterward Update QuickBooks. 
  • Select the Update Now tab. 
  • Look down to discover Critical Fixes and ensure it's chosen. 
  • Snap Get Updates. 
  • Close the window and exit QuickBooks. Note that QuickBooks ought not keep running out of sight – so on the off chance that you have the Keep QuickBooks running for fast new companies inclination empowered, you ought to reboot your PC.
Though above we have provided with the step by step process on how to fix your update issue. But if you are still wondering on how to get your Quickbooks updated then ask for update support for QuickBooks program.
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