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Xtbills Hosting Service

Have a quick look on amazing features of XTBills

XTBills is a bill and payment solution designed to improve payment operation of your QuickBooks software. XTBills solution makes a big change in the way of running the venture. XTBillls for QuickBooks accounting software is the best way of expanding benefits and enlarging the services without adding manpower. The software has benefitted a millions of individuals from across the world and now it is ready to change your business world.

Bill and Expense Payment Solution

Have a quick look on amazing features of XTBills

Although QuickBooks is admirable accounting software, it lacks powerful feature of bill & expense payment solution. We are here to enhance the benefits of QuickBooks account and adding more powerful feature for better experience. Go with XT Bills, a comprehensive bill & expense payment solution designed for QuickBooks users.

Multiple Account Management

The add-on comprises feature, which provides you ability to manage and access multiple client accounts and that too with a single sign-in. you have no trouble while managing the accounts for multiple clients. Not only this, the add-on has a feature to limit the permissions of accessing the account for the members of your accounting firm. You can customize account access on the premise of your requirements.

Benefits of high-value accounting service

With the combination of XT bills with your QuickBooks accounting software, you become able to eliminate manual work to complete accounting process. The software provides high-value accounting services, better accounting experience, feature-packed QuickBooks software and changed environment. Use of this QuickBooks add-on has made it easy to shift your time to designing for more planned services.

Data synchronization

XTBills for QuickBooks comprises a feature of synchronizing data, which means your data is kept updated and accurate across both- QuickBooks online and QuickBooks desktop. These integration capabilities of the add-on has made the user tension-free and given them enhanced experience of using their favorite accounting software program. Payments made through the XTBills increase your experience with every passing day.

Accomplish needs of all size of business

Whether you have a small sized business or middle sized business, XTBills makes a choice for all QuickBooks users and is ready to facilitate wide-ranging benefits. The software provides well-planned way of running the venture and taking it to the next bigger level. You can easily expand the size of your client requirements and fulfill them in quite effective manner.

Processing invoice made easier

With XTBills for QuickBooks, you do not need wasting time over the activities of walking for approvals and filling up the Quickbooks documents and tracking missing bills. Making the process easier than ever, XTBills allow the documents to be accessed from a secured location through cloud based server availability. All bills and documents become accessible from a consolidate location. In this way, XTBills convert complexity into effortlessness.

Freedom from a Fear of Late Payment

Now, you do not need to worry about late payment if you have XTBills integrated with your QuickBooks software programs. The add-on provides you freedom from paying your bills too late. With XTBills, you are free to pay your bills from anywhere and at any moment. What’s more, you do not need to wait too long for review, approval and confirmation of payment of particular bill.

Payment through Mobile App

When you have XTBills, bill payment process is at your fingertips. Mobile application provides you handy bill payment facility to save your time, increase your focus on venture and improve your experience. You can upload your bills directly to your device into your account and complete payment process.

Source: We are Quickbooks Chat Support Number.

Benefits of going with XTBills for your QB software

  • You can upload or email your bills and support document directly into the platform without going for paper work
  • With XTBills, there is no need to clutter payment process with paper-based workflow
  • Synchronizing feature assures that the data is accurate and updated across all platforms. You do not need to go for manual entries on different platforms
  • XTBills comprise more powerful features that turn QuickBooks into ideal accounting software
  • You do not need to worry about the security of payments and safety of your data
  • XTBills comprises feature of separating employee expense payment from your schedule payrolls. Quickbooks 24/7 Customer Service Phone Number. @ 1800-865-4183.
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